Unique One of a Kind Jewelry & Weekly Treasure Chest

View our Weekly Treasure Chest and JeanShevy Designs. JeanShevy was born of the desire and passion to make hand-crafted and unique jewelry that you won't find anywhere else. We create one-of-a-kind pieces and private collections that are timeless treasures with a fresh new feel that speak to your heart and soul, at any stage of life. From traditional stylings and old world vintage to trendsetting fashion and chic whimsy. We offer a wide range of creative pieces that will really make a statement.You will also find special occasion jewelry,birthstone month jewelry. Visit our other categories as well. All JeanShevy Designs jewelry is hand-made with pride in our quality and craftsmanship. Our settings are made with great attention to detail, from the design process to the casting of each piece. We use only natural diamonds and gemstones, each stone is hand selected and set with the utmost care and a discerning eye to ensure that your jewelry selection is well-made and exquisite. If you have any questions please contact our Diamond Engagement Ring Consultants. DiamondWave offers the industry's highest quality diamonds at the lowest possible price.

Shopping Options


$0 $69000 $0 to $69000


  1. 14k White Gold
  2. 14k Yellow Gold
  3. 18k White Gold
  4. 18k Yellow Gold
  5. 925 Silver
  6. Platinum

Stone Shape

  1. Round Cut
  2. Princess Cut
  3. Emerald Cut
  4. Marquise Cut
  5. Oval Shape
  6. Radiant Cut
  7. Pear Shape
  8. Cushion Cut
  9. Baguette Cut

Carat Weight

1.00 CTW 35.00 CTW 1.00 CTW to 35.00 CTW


  1. Diamond
  2. Blue Sapphire
  3. Pearls

Setting Style

  1. New Styles
  2. Bar Set
  3. Bezel Set
  4. Anniversary
  5. Bangle
  6. Classic
  7. Channel Set
  8. Cognac Diamond
  9. Champagne
  10. Colored Diamonds
  11. Drop
  12. Eternity
  13. European
  14. Fashion
  15. Freshwater Pearl
  16. Halo
  17. Journey
  18. Knife Edge
  19. JeanShevy Designs
  20. Martini
  21. Prong Set
  22. Pearl
  23. Right Hand
  24. Stud
  25. Split Shank
  26. Tennis
  27. Trellis
  28. Vintage
  29. Two Stone
  30. Three Stone
  31. Four Stone
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  1. VS
  2. VS2
  3. N/A
  4. VS/SI
  5. SI
  6. I1
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  1. G-H
  2. H-I
  3. I
  4. H
  5. F-G
  6. I-J
  7. Light Yellow
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  1. June Birthstone
  2. September Birthstone
$0 $69000 $0 to $69000
Stone Shape
Carat Weight
1.00 CTW 35.00 CTW 1.00 CTW to 35.00 CTW
Setting Style